I'm an artist, a published author, a photographer. And that just scratches the surface. How can anyone really explain who they are in a couple of small paragraphs?

First the important question...

Why Heart's Flight?

I first drew the image that would become my logo at the beginning of 1993, during a time in my life that was incredibly difficult as well as transformative. I was volunteering for some folks in a Native America community along with one of my best friends (now the Disgruntled Monk of disgruntledmonk.com). It proved quite the bonding experience for the two of us. The wider spiritual and artistic community this work exposed me two was inspiring and healing and one of the first places where my art was encouraged and validated beyond my circle of immediate friends or family. Unfortunately, the individuals providing my lodging and assigning my day to day work were... um... shall we say difficult? (in some instances actually abusive.) The image of butterflies (creativity, beauty, freedom of expression, transformation) rising from a broken heart was poignantly illustrative of that experience.

Since then there has been heartbreak and unimaginable joy, challenge and transformation, loss of self and healing to a truer sense of identity. While I do not accept the myth of the "struggling/suffering artist" (eternal gratitude to Julia Cameron for her insights on this), I do recognize that each challenge, hurt and setback has contributed to the depth and authenticity of my works. More and more, however it is the butterflies rather than the broken heart that I focus upon and the broken heart becomes more "broken open" than "damaged"—more about allowing what is within me to emerge into the world and take flight. So there you have it—Heart's Flight. My vision in a nutshell... or a butterfly as the case may be.

Now the nittier, grittier details...

I have two Bachelor of Arts degrees, one in History and one in Multimedia Design. (Ok, technically, by the time I graduated, they'd changed the name of the degree to "Digital Media Production," but nobody asked my opinion, so I'm sticking with the name I signed on for!) I have a cat with soccer-playing tendencies and a garden with a whopping total of eleven plants (had to replace two within the first month... this is why I don't have more... that and where would I put them? I'm within a couple of feet of being able to touch both sides of the patio with outstretched arms on the long side.)

What else?

I have philosophical tendencies and a strong spiritual bent. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, an Espiritista, a Santera. I use $3 words because I love language and have read voraciously since I was small. My hunger for science fiction and fantasy cannot be assuaged—big screen, small screen, hardback, paperback, manga—love it, live for it. Nor will I be graciously separated from my crime procedurals and profiler shows. I have a broad range of tastes in both books and films and a truly eclectic musical collection.