Through a new lens...

It's funny. I tend to think of my photography as a "new interest," something I just recently picked up. But when I sat down to write this content, I suddenly realized that the interest has been there since childhood when I had a twin lens reflex camera I think had been my dad's. I can't remember if I actually took pictures with it or not, but I know I loved carrying it around and looking through it and at least pretending I was taking pictures. And then there was the "real" camera with changeable lenses and everything that I asked for for my birthday sometime in high school... Yeah, turns out my interest in photography has been around a lot longer than I realized. It had just been napping, I guess.

What's really struck me about photography lately though is how the camera lens can show us beauty in even the most horrible times and circumstances. I say the lens rather than the photographer because it is the lens which focuses our attention. It draws us in from whatever chaos is raging around us, whether physical, emotional or what-have-you, and for that fraction of a second blocks out everything but the image of beauty we were drawn to.

When I finish a session of shooting, even if my mind is still buzzing with inspiration, any mental turmoil or emotional upheaval I may have had when the session began is calmed. These moments or hours of looking for and at beautiful, unique images leave me refreshed in a way that is hard to describe. I feel cleansed, centered... balanced. For me, photography is a form of meditation.