Vision Walker by Ashley J Harper

Vision Walker by Ashley J. Harper

Lysshae is Heir to the throne, Na’Elya one of the elite who guards her. Though friends since childhood, neither expects there can be anything more than friendship between them, despite the calling of their hearts.

But Destiny is not always concerned for the niceties of social strata. When Lysshae defies her father to pursue a sacred VisionWalk and Na’Elya follows after, they set in motion the wheels of the Seventh Generation Prophecy and the schemes of those who would support it and those who would thwart it.

Before the end, they will face Old Ones and Guardians; their fondest hopes and deepest fears; and the threat of untimely, unnatural death. For the fate of the Kingdom they both love is more precarious than they could ever imagine.

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You can purchase Kindle or paperback here. The paperbacks listed are from the first edition, the second edition is currently available in Kindle, with a second edition paperback version in the works.

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