My Mission

My Mission

"Nowhere in this great wide world are we more at home than in the space that love has created for us.

No time in the span of our lives is more beautiful than those moments spent in loving harmony with the world and those around us.

No labor or effort is so satisfying to the soul as that performed from a place of caring and unconditional love.

So let us live in an atmosphere of love and harmony, expending all our efforts and labors with love and caring, that we may be an example and a guiding beacon—inspiring all whose lives we touch to do likewise."

∼   Ashley J. Harper, 2015

There have been times...

when I have felt my mission to be incredibly scattered. After all, I have so many interests. So many things I want to do and create. Then I realized I was thinking about "my mission" too narrowly. I've come to believe that one's mission or purpose is not so much about the details of what one does as it is the overarching reason for doing it. The result (not the product) one wishes to accomplish.

My mission, I realized, is simple. My mission is to leave the world more beautiful and inspired than it was when I found it. By an inch, by a mile, by a thousand metric tons doesn't really matter.