So many mediums... so little time!

I did all the usual artsy-crafty stuff kids do: crayons, finger-paint and paint by numbers, sticker books, Play-Doh, sidewalk chalk, pony beads, macaroni art, friendship bracelets, lanyards, Legos, papier mâché, Tinker Toys, Light Bright, tempera paints, glaze-your-own-ceramics, popsicle stick and pipe cleaner creations galore, balsa wood rockets and planes, even stained glass. Build-A-Bear wasn't a thing yet, but if it had been, I'm sure I would have had even more stuffed animals than I did. You get the idea.

But we get older, our interests narrow down to one thing or class of things that really holds our imagination. We go for painting. Or maybe charcoal. Or sewing. Or woodcraft. Or sculpture. Or... That one thing (maybe two) that we excel at or want to excel at that grabs hold and doesn't let go. Right?


For me, not so much.

Which is cool. I'm not complaining. It's certainly hard to get bored. Ever. It can, however, be hard to find enough storage space—or work space—to indulge in all the crafts I thoroughly enjoy. Though this doesn't seem to stop me from making the attempt. I've been wondering lately about rigging some kind of pulley system in my bedroom to lower and raise a work table and/or silk frame. After all, I'm short, I don't need much headroom and there's not an over head light in there... It's a thought.

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is this. My focus right now is pastels and photography. But I also paint silk scarves and denim jackets, etch glass, make cute little creatures out of sculpy, draw, paint, bead, decorate feathers, and sew... and whatever else strikes my fancy.

You never know what you might find here. I hope you'll visit often.